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Terms of Use Policy:

SleepDisordersGuide.com is focused only on providing natural remedies to those people who are suffering from various Sleep Disorders with the high quality, ethical tools and information they need to have a Good Night Sleep. None of the information or tools provided on the SleepDisordersGuide.com web site are intended for unethical training practices, including but not limited to Spam, harvesting e-mail addresses, participating in unauthorized opt-in, or fraud.

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SleepDisordersGuide.com supports the right of personal privacy on the Internet. We will never sell or rent names, e-mail addresses, or any other client information.

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SleepDisordersGuide.com respects the request of any individual asking to have his/her e-mail address opted-out of our database. All of our mailings have a clear opt-out process that is firm and final – we do not require an explanation or a follow-up approval process for the opt-out.

All unsubscribe requests are acted upon immediately within our database. Any concerns regarding this should be forward to [email protected]

Why is this information collected?

Information on our website is only completed to assist the visitor in completing their desire action. The information may also be used to provide customer support. Cookies may be placed on the computer to tag the appropriate affiliate and to assist in loading the website on subsequent visit.

These cookies are not viral and can be easily removed from the computer.

Information may be used to enhance, evaluate, or otherwise review the web site, service, product, or market.

Who has access to this information?

Only SleepDisordersGuide.com authorized staff and agents have access to information. This information may only be used for purposes directly related to and authorized by SleepDisordersGuide.com.

What kind of information does this web site collect?

Unique identifiers issued by a web site or service for the purpose of identifying an individual over time.

Mechanisms, such as HTTP cookies, for maintaining an active connection with an individual or for automatically identifying an individual who has visited a particular site or previously accessed particular content.

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We invite you to contact us if you have questions about this policy. You may contact us by mail at the following address:

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